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Deep Heat Massager Black

PHP3,999.75 Price

A powerful massage that can relieve the tension in tired muscles and relief from pain by stimulating blood flow. The Deep Heat Massager lightly cushioned massage heads gives a firm and deep massage action. The Deep Heat Massager is optimized for massaging your back while you relax in your favorite chair. The Deep Heat Massager can also be used to massage legs, arms, and lower neck.


PHP3,999.75 Price

Love your skin again with non-invasive facial rejuvination. For DIY skin treatment turn to DermaWand High Frequency Oxygenation from JML. This tool is a condensed version of the same technology used by skin care specialist all over the world. Stimulates and rejuvenates skin, Uses low level micro - current impulses up to 168,000 cycles per second. Helps improve circulation by bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin and helps skin look more toned and tight.

Hair Care Pro Dryer

PHP1,999.75 Price

Dry your hair without drying it out! The Hair Care Pro can be used as an ordinary Hair dryer or can be transformed into a Hot Oil Treatment Hair Dryer, using the Hot Oil Diffuser. The Hair Care Pro nourishes, moisturizes and protects your hair while you dry. The ionic hair care pro function reduces static for more manageable hair. Treat your hair every time you dry it! Any time you like, with Hair Care Pro!

Hair Straightener Professional

PHP2,999.75 Price

Frizz Free hair everyday! Our hair straighteners glides ultra smoothly for a beautiful straight finish. JML Professional Hair Straightener not only straightens but also adds volume, curls and shines thus leaving hair glossy and beautiful. The light slim design is great for easy to use styling. With the newest Floating Nano Silver Ionic Technology, it can heat up ultra fast, within seconds, while evenly distributing heat that makes hair straight and sleek in less time. To ensure ease of use, there is 2m of cable and a swivel cord with hanger design for your convenience.

Massager Deluxe

PHP3,999.75 Price

Relieve pain and relax your body with hand-held infra-red percussion massager. JML'sMassager deluxe is a hand-held vibrating massager that offers strong vibrations to penetrate deep into muscles and infrared heat that strengthens its pain relieving ability. It comes with an adjustable speed knob that allows you to choose which speed setting is suitable for you. It is ideal for use on the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Its dual head comes with a finger flex and deep muscle attachment.

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Mens Multi Styler Men's Shaver

PHP1,599.75 Price

A multifunctional men's grooming tool! JML Men Multi-Styler is a product that makes this possible, and so much more! It is a brand new concept, and therefore, extremely lightweight and easy to handle. The 5 interchangeable heads are very easy to replace and also washable, guaranteeing the best possible operation of a device. With Men Multi-styler from JML, you have a tool that will help you cut your hair, trim your beard with the classic 3-5 day old stubble, shave, clean up nose and ear hair, and give a precision trim to sideburns, thanks to the special interchangeable heads.

Proceramic Straightening

PHP1,449.75 Price

Bad hair days are over! JML's Pro Ceramic Straighteners gives you professional results in every glide. These fantastic solid ceramic straighteners glide ultra smoothly across hair for a beautiful straight finish. The light, slim line design is great for easy to use styling. The Pro Ceramic Starighteners heat up quickly, with automatic temperature control and an LED which lights to indicate when switched on. To ensure ease of use, there is over 2m of cable, and a swivel cord.

Slim & Tone Multi-massager

PHP1,699.75 Price

Your handy and convenient muscle toning tool.The Slim and Tone 3 in 1 MULTI MASSAGER is an effective, lightweight and portable device capable of targetting abs, buns, thighs, calves and underarm. Its unique oscillating feature penetrates deeply for muscle toning and deep tissue massage.

Sonic Facial Cleanser

PHP1,999.75 Price

Gently cleanses and removes dirt and dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, smoother skin. Sonic Facial Cleanser uses sonic technology to care for your skin in two ways: The cleaning bristles work gently but thoroughly on the surface, removing dead cells and exfoliating the skin. The massage zone uses the same sonic vibration pulses to help relax and de-stress the face and neck after a long day. Sonic pulses help to loosen and lift dirt and remove dead skin.

Slim Belt

PHP999.75 Price

JML Slim Belt is the innovation that compress your waist and reduces measurement! Its unique Double Compression technology, combined with a special Neoprene fabric, creates a thermal effect to retain the warmth of your body as you move. Gives you a way to show off that sexy, eye-catching shape you've beeb hiding all this time. Super-comfortable and with 2 level compression, Slim Belt even helps you maintain the correct and elegant posture during your walks, runs or workouts without rolling up or down and detach easily. Slim Belt is deal for men and woman as it fits perfectly to the body and still accompanies you at work, at home and wherever else you desire!

Steam Pro Hair Straightener

PHP3,499.75 Price

Glides ultra-smoothly across hair for a beautiful straight finish and heats up in less than two minutes. Have a great straight hair in minutes with this Steam Pro Hair Straightener from JML. This hair tool heats up in seconds. The steam function safely releases as you style your hair to lock your hair's natural moisture under high temperature. Get shiny and silky smooth hair.

Smooth & Silky 4 In 1 Epilator

PHP1,999.75 Price

The fast and efficient way to smooth and silky skin that effectively removes hair from the roots.
JML Smooth and Silky Lady Epilator is an innovative device that uses customized rollers to help you
quickly and easily buff your way to smooth, soft feet.

Straight Brush Pro

PHP2,499.75 Price

Hair straightening is now as easy as brushing your hair! This straightening brush combines the hair-friendly ceramic coated bristles of the styling brush and the straightening effect of safe, controlled heat. With a safety cut off function and a display that tells you the precise temperature, from a cool setting for softening kinks and waves, up to a high 185 degree-Celsius for hard-to-control thick hair, you can style and straighten with confidence. And because it's two applications in one, the compact design means you can take it with you and top-up your look whenever you want.

Travel Pro Hair Dryer

PHP799.75 Price

Compact, foldable and ultra lightweight. Perfect for travel. Keep a well-kept hairstyle wherever you go with this hair dryer. It is ultra lightweight and Foldable so you can bring it with you on your trips. It features a strong Air Pressure and High Heat, Dual Voltage for worldwide us, and has 2 Speed/Heat Settings with Powerful DC Motor.

Star Bra

PHP1,299.75 Price

Sexy, Comfortable and Invisible. Star Bra is the ideal brassier to use with any type of clothing. It is comfortable and invisible. It can be easily adjusted to give the ideal support for each type of body. Highlight your attributes and enjoy the freedom of Star Bra.


PHP4,499.75 Price

The power of steam straightens and curls hair like a pro for that silky soft-touch salon finish.
teambond helps your hair free from damage and provides a smooth, silky, natural lustrous
look in just a minute.