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Double Side Flex Mop
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Double Side Flex Mop

PHP799.75 Price

JML Double Side Flex Mop is two sided mop made of chenille & microfiber. The mop bendy microfiber and chenille head is multi-angled so it can effortlessly clean nooks & crannies. It is safe for all kinds of floor such as vinyl, ceramic tiles, finished wood & marble floors. Easily shine surfaces with Double side Flex Mop!

Ironing Board Cover

PHP499.75 Price

Millions of people have already discovered easier, quicker ironing with the Fast Fit Ironing Board Cover from JML. With strong, elasticated edges, the cover takes seconds to fit and fix firmly in place. The non-slip, 100% cotton surface keeps garments secure on the board and creates a smooth, even ironing surface every time. A super-thick, 100% polyester underlay retains and reflects heat back into the fabric to help reduce ironing time. Join the ironing revolution today and get brilliant results with less effort! Available in an exciting range of designs.

Microfiber Super Mop Refill

PHP249.75 Price

The Microfiber Super Mop Refill can pick up dust & dirt like a magnet. Use with or without cleaning chemicals! Suitable for cleaning tiles, vinyl, hardwood and wood laminate floors or any hard surface.

Paint Sprayer Elite

PHP3,999.75 Price

Take the effort out of home decorating with Paint Sprayer Elite. Boasting a new single -unit, no-hose design, you can coat surfaces large and small, without missing a single detail. A clever 360 degree multi-directional nozzle gives you the choice of spraying horizontally or vertically, without any drips or spills. There's also a concentrated round spray setting for detailing, helping you to spray into every awkward nook, cranny and corner. Paint Sprayer Elite works with more than just emulsion. You can use it with varnishes, wood sealers, primers, pesticides, acrylic paint, radiator paint, timber care, decking cleaner and restorer- you can also use it to water the plants. Whether you're painting walls or window frames, furniture's or fencepost, decking or doorways, fixtures or flooring.

Spotless Blue

PHP249.75 Price

Spotless blue is the ultimate household cleaning paste that perfectly cleans ovens, cooker tops, pans, cookware, sink & tiles. It easily removes all stubborn grease, burnt oil & dirt . It also removes rust from chrome. Spotless blue is the most versatile cleaner in the world!

Super Mop Pro

PHP759.75 Price

Super-Mop Pro can be used on almost any floor. In one sweep it cleans, absorbs and dries thanks to its incredibly absorbent sponge head which can hold up to 10 times more liquid than a traditional mop. The PVA sponge holds water so well that it won't spill a drop until it's wrung out using the ‘Wring-Max’ system. Engineered with ease of use and dry hands in mind, simply pull the handle and the specially-designed arms squeeze every inch of the sponge head so it’s left completely wrung-out and ready for the next pass. There's also no need to vacuum hard floors either because, used damp, dust and dirt stick to the head. You can even use it on carpets to pick up pet hairs and, with the telescopic handle, you can reach up high to use it as a squeegee on windows and patio doors.

Super Mop Pro Refill

PHP179.75 Price

In just one sweep the Super Mop Pro cleans, absorbs and dries. Don't waste valuable time trying to clean your floors with an ordinary mop. With Super Mop Pro from JML, you can make easy work of those nasty spills around the house. Its special PVA sponge head is super-absorbent, soaking-up much more liquid when compared to a traditional mop. Not a drip escapes until the unique wring-max technology removes every last drop. Super Mop Pro leaves floors clean and dry in just one pass. It's great on carpets and can soak up spills instantly - amazing! By keeping the head moist you can even use it on carpets to get rid of pet hairs which can be really hard to pick up with a vacuum cleaner. And with the telescopic handle it's perfect for cleaning windows too!


PHP399.75 Price

This amazing Iron Shoe is made of non-stick vinyl which resists the excessive heat, and protects fabrics from scorch. Allows high iron settings for all types of fabrics - cottons, denim, linen and even silk. Provides easy ironing movement over snaps, pins, etc. No more bumping off buttons from shirts. Protects the soleplate of your iron when ironing over sharp zippers or pins. Allows high iron setting for all fabrics, safe and efficient, one size fits all.

Twista Mop

PHP799.75 Price

Get in a spin with Twista Mop from JML. Thanks to its unique self-wringing mechanism you can drain your mop the easy way! Made from super-absorbent microfiber, TM makes short work of big spills! It's so much easier than draining your mop in a clunky wringer bucket! Twista Mop never gets into a tangle with its unique design that holds all the mop strands together. Who wants to unknot wet tangles from a dirty mop head? The built-in wringer pulls the strings extra tight and twists them a full 360 degrees, locking out water for less drips! And it absorbs water evenly, so there are no puddles or dry spots. Plus the special scourer tip is great for getting stuck into those tough, dried-on surface stains. It works wonders on tiles, vinyl, hardwood and wood laminate floors: or any hard surface!

Twista Mop Refill

PHP499.75 Price

Turn mop upside down so head is facing upwards, ensure mop head is untwished, grab scourer end of mop and unscrew old head by twisting base pole, lift and remove and slide new mophead onto end and re-screw into place. Be careful not to tangle the base pole in any of the microfibre strings.

Value Pack Teflon

PHP799.75 Price

Teflon value pack is a combination of JML Ironing Board cover & Teflon. Perfect package for your everyday ironing needs. The iron shoe is made of non-stick vinyl which resist the excessive heat & protects fabrics from scorch. Ironing board cover is super thick with 100% polyester underlay that retains & reflect heat back into the fabric to help reduce ironing time.

Drain Jet High Pressure Air...

PHP999.75 Price

Drain Jet is the pump-action, high-pressure air plunger designed to clear blocked drains quickly & safely. Whether it’s a blocked sink, bath, toilet or shower drain, Drain Jet blasts unwanted obstruction away.

Fresh Air Globe

PHP3,299.75 Price

How does it work?
The Fresh Air Globe brings a breath of fresh air to your indoor environment. Its unique air-cleansing system uses water to naturally clean the air, removing odours and replacing lost moisture. The Fresh Air Globe also comes with aromatherapy essence which is anti-bacterial. This means it can reduce potentially harmful levels of bacteria, such as e-coli.