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Small Kitchen Appliances

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6in1 Food Processor

PHP6,599.75 Price

The ultimate 6 in 1 power juicer is a meat & dry grinder. It blends milkshakes, juices fruit, grinds coffee beans and chop nuts.

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Ambiano One Cup Coffee Maker

PHP1,499.75 Price

JML Ambiano Coffee Maker allows you to instantly brew great quality coffee at home. The one cup coffee maker is compact with an easy flip-open lid and gives a short brewing time. The 500ml flask with screw top lid fits in most car cup holders making it perfect for the morning commute. Just grab and go!

Aqua Clear Glass Kettle

PHP1,499.75 Price

Sleek and stylish with stainless steel accents, the illuminating glass kettle will look quite elegant on any work surface. Made with water indicator, detachable filter and over heat protection.

Deep Fryer

PHP2,999.75 Price

Prepare quick & easy golden crispy delicious food in just minutes. Perfect for the chicken, shrimp, french fries and a lot more. It has a handy indicator light signals when the oil is ready for frying. Adjustable thermostat permits easy selection of the desired frying temperature and locking cover prevents spattering and reduces odors. Large viewing window lets you monitor frying without opening the cover and Non-stick interior for quick and easy cleaning.


PHP5,499.75 Price

The Halowave Oven from JML will revolutionise the way that you cook. It uses a halogen light source which produces infra-red waves to heat up food quickly whilst maintaining all the natural flavour of food cooked in a traditional oven. There's none of the sogginess you sometimes get with a microwave - just delicious, mouth watering food. The Halowave Oven is easy to operate, with a built-in timer and variable temperature control. With it's amazing self-cleaning function, looking after your Halowave Oven will be easy. Convenient and energy efficient, you'll wonder how you ever managed without your Halowave Oven.

Ice Crusher

PHP1,999.75 Price

JML Ice Crusher is the handy dessert maker ideal for frosty drinks and smoothies in every occasions.
Instantly turn your cubed ice to shaved ice and enjoy your own frozen treats and desserts.

Juicer Booster

PHP5,999.75 Price

The JML Juice Booster gives you pure, natural and healthy juice in seconds. Amazingly easy to clean and use. It extracts the pulp leaving you with pure tasty juice from the natural fruit. Create delicious soup, cocktail mixers and energizing drinks with no mess and no fuss - just pure freshly fruit juice. Now you can have pure fruit and vegetable juice whenever you want at the touch of a button.

Jumpstart Juicer

PHP3,999.75 Price

The Jumpstart Juicer quickly and efficiently extracts out the goodness, nourishment, essential minerals and vitamins you need! It has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Jump Start Program, which contains over 100 great tasting natural juice recipes, created to give you immediate weight loss, boost your energy and increase your confidence.

Nutri Blitzer

PHP4,999.75 Price

Nutriblitzer is the fast and easy way to get the essential nutrients your body needs. The precision made steel extration blades spin at over 19,000 rpm, creating a cyclonic vortex that pulverises seeds, leaves, skins, stems, peel and rind. Blitzing in this way lets you unlock vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibre that ordinary blenders leaves behind.

Power Blender Extreme

PHP1,799.75 Price

Power Blender is the perfect solution if you don't want to eat, but need a healthy, energizing smoothie to take with you on the go. Power Blender Sports Bottle Blender instantly blends smoothies and shakes. It has a convenient flip top straw, super powerful blender that crushes ice instantly & bottle that easily fits in car cup holders. Perfect size for a light meal, treat at work or a quick breakfast solution for families on the go!

Electric Lunch Box

PHP1,399.75 Price

Now you can enjoy hot & delicious home cooked lunches wherever you go with the new JML Electric Lunch Box. Now you can heat, steam, stew, cook, & re-heat your favorite food with no hassle and no fuss. Plus with the Electric Lunch Box’s one touch control, having the perfect lunch has never been easier! Made from a durable impact resistant insulating shell that is strong, non-stick, yet lightweight and compact. So you can enjoy nutritious and delicious meals served hot and fresh. Great for school & work lunches.

Power Blender

PHP1,499.75 Price
Power Blender Sports Bottle Blender Instantly blend smoothies and protein shakes and go! Blend and drink from the same bottle. Crushes ice instantly. Just blend and go!

Convenient flip top straw, super powerful blender crushes ice instantly, fits in car cup holders and easy to clean. A quick breakfast solution for families on the go! Add fruit to create a healthy fun snack! Blend a different drink for each of your friends!

The perfect size for a light meal or treat at work. Add a scoop of your favorite protein and head for the gym. At home or on the road, just blend and go! Power Blender is the perfect solution if you don't have time to eat, but need a healthy, energizing smoothie to take with you on the go.