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Kitchen Utensils

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Stoneware Knives Drop Block

PHP1,099.75 Price

The Stone-Ware Pro Chef Drop Block has a removable polypropylene brush insert for easy cleaning. They move and bend to make room for any kind of knife, and the bristles come out as a block.

Stoneware Pro Chef Knife Set

PHP1,649.75 Price

Stone-Ware Pro- Chef Knife cuts through all different types of food products fresh and frozen. It has a non-stick stone coating, offering impeccable cutting performance for all your slicing, dicing, peeling, carving, chopping and much more!

Stoneware Silicon Gloves

PHP799.75 Price

Throw your old oven mitts away! Are you fed up with the smelly, stained oven mitts that you keep using in your kitchen, burning your hands or while doing BBQ? Stone-ware Silicone Gloves is the answer! Easily manage countless grilling and cooking while keeping your hands safe and dry. Uses: Easily grab boiling eggs, pasta and noodles directly out of hot water. Replaces your tongs and spatula. Easily flip your burgers, steaks, vegetables, kebabs and other grilled foods directly from the cookware. Double as hot pads and pot holders. Easily and safely pull pork and chicken. Non-slip grip allows to safely transfer items and open stubborn jars. Made from BPA free and comes with FDA standards food grade silicon making it water proof, dishwasher safe and impervious to mold and mildew.