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Deep Heat Massager Black

PHP3,999.75 Price

A powerful massage that can relieve the tension in tired muscles and relief from pain by stimulating blood flow. The Deep Heat Massager lightly cushioned massage heads gives a firm and deep massage action. The Deep Heat Massager is optimized for massaging your back while you relax in your favorite chair. The Deep Heat Massager can also be used to massage legs, arms, and lower neck.

Massager Deluxe

PHP3,999.75 Price

Relieve pain and relax your body with hand-held infra-red percussion massager. JML'sMassager deluxe is a hand-held vibrating massager that offers strong vibrations to penetrate deep into muscles and infrared heat that strengthens its pain relieving ability. It comes with an adjustable speed knob that allows you to choose which speed setting is suitable for you. It is ideal for use on the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Its dual head comes with a finger flex and deep muscle attachment.

Slim & Tone Multi-massager

PHP1,699.75 Price

Your handy and convenient muscle toning tool.The Slim and Tone 3 in 1 MULTI MASSAGER is an effective, lightweight and portable device capable of targetting abs, buns, thighs, calves and underarm. Its unique oscillating feature penetrates deeply for muscle toning and deep tissue massage.

Slim Belt

PHP999.75 Price

JML Slim Belt is the innovation that compress your waist and reduces measurement! Its unique Double Compression technology, combined with a special Neoprene fabric, creates a thermal effect to retain the warmth of your body as you move. Gives you a way to show off that sexy, eye-catching shape you've beeb hiding all this time. Super-comfortable and with 2 level compression, Slim Belt even helps you maintain the correct and elegant posture during your walks, runs or workouts without rolling up or down and detach easily. Slim Belt is deal for men and woman as it fits perfectly to the body and still accompanies you at work, at home and wherever else you desire!

Smooth & Silky 4 In 1 Epilator

PHP1,999.75 Price

The fast and efficient way to smooth and silky skin that effectively removes hair from the roots.
JML Smooth and Silky Lady Epilator is an innovative device that uses customized rollers to help you
quickly and easily buff your way to smooth, soft feet.

Star Bra

PHP1,299.75 Price

Sexy, Comfortable and Invisible. Star Bra is the ideal brassier to use with any type of clothing. It is comfortable and invisible. It can be easily adjusted to give the ideal support for each type of body. Highlight your attributes and enjoy the freedom of Star Bra.