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6in1 Food Processor

PHP6,599.75 Price

The ultimate 6 in 1 power juicer is a meat & dry grinder. It blends milkshakes, juices fruit, grinds coffee beans and chop nuts.

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Ambiano One Cup Coffee Maker

PHP1,499.75 Price

JML Ambiano Coffee Maker allows you to instantly brew great quality coffee at home. The one cup coffee maker is compact with an easy flip-open lid and gives a short brewing time. The 500ml flask with screw top lid fits in most car cup holders making it perfect for the morning commute. Just grab and go!

Aqua Clear Glass Kettle

PHP1,499.75 Price

Sleek and stylish with stainless steel accents, the illuminating glass kettle will look quite elegant on any work surface. Made with water indicator, detachable filter and over heat protection.

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Blast Vac 2

PHP2,999.75 Price

The amazing Blast Vac 2 is packed with an amazing 800w of power. It is designed to be totally portable and ideal for large & small jobs inside your home, garage or cleaning your car. The maneuverable machine can blast air with the same power it can vacuum. This means inflating an airbed or blowing leaves off your garden has never been easier. It comes with an array of attachments, a handy carry strap and a hose to ensure every tiny nook is reached. Whatever the cleaning task, the powerful and compact Blast Vac 2 is ideal for it. Blast Vac 2 is mighty enough & versatile to step up to almost any cleaning challenge.

Cordless Steam Iron

PHP2,599.75 Price

Cordless Steam Iron uses a ceramic sole plate to glide across fabrics for faster, smoother, crease removal. The pressurized steam tank provides focused steam power, so you can easily iron layers. You can also use it as a vertical steamer, perfect for delicate fabrics.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

PHP5,999.75 Price

JML Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has long battery life & strong suction power perfect for your everyday cleaning requirements. The battery recharges up to three times faster than others. It is packed with an amazing 130w of power designed to be totally portable & ideal for large and small jobs inside your home, garage or cleaning your car.

Deep Fryer

PHP2,999.75 Price

Prepare quick & easy golden crispy delicious food in just minutes. Perfect for the chicken, shrimp, french fries and a lot more. It has a handy indicator light signals when the oil is ready for frying. Adjustable thermostat permits easy selection of the desired frying temperature and locking cover prevents spattering and reduces odors. Large viewing window lets you monitor frying without opening the cover and Non-stick interior for quick and easy cleaning.


PHP3,999.75 Price

Love your skin again with non-invasive facial rejuvination. For DIY skin treatment turn to DermaWand High Frequency Oxygenation from JML. This tool is a condensed version of the same technology used by skin care specialist all over the world. Stimulates and rejuvenates skin, Uses low level micro - current impulses up to 168,000 cycles per second. Helps improve circulation by bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin and helps skin look more toned and tight.

Drain Jet High Pressure Air...

PHP999.75 Price

Drain Jet is the pump-action, high-pressure air plunger designed to clear blocked drains quickly & safely. Whether it’s a blocked sink, bath, toilet or shower drain, Drain Jet blasts unwanted obstruction away.

Easy Stitch Max

PHP4,199.75 Price

The JML Easy Stitch Max is packed with features making it the most versatile sewing machine in its price bracket. It has a work light for precise stitching, a safety guard, reverse stitching and an amazing seven stitch patterns. The foot pedal offers you a total control even on the most difficult curves and patterns – on virtually any type of fabric. Totally portable, you can operate it using the supplied adaptor or with batteries.

Electric Lunch Box

PHP1,399.75 Price

Now you can enjoy hot & delicious home cooked lunches wherever you go with the new JML Electric Lunch Box. Now you can heat, steam, stew, cook, & re-heat your favorite food with no hassle and no fuss. Plus with the Electric Lunch Box’s one touch control, having the perfect lunch has never been easier! Made from a durable impact resistant insulating shell that is strong, non-stick, yet lightweight and compact. So you can enjoy nutritious and delicious meals served hot and fresh. Great for school & work lunches.

Fresh Air Globe

PHP3,299.75 Price

How does it work?
The Fresh Air Globe brings a breath of fresh air to your indoor environment. Its unique air-cleansing system uses water to naturally clean the air, removing odours and replacing lost moisture. The Fresh Air Globe also comes with aromatherapy essence which is anti-bacterial. This means it can reduce potentially harmful levels of bacteria, such as e-coli.

Hair Straightener Professional

PHP2,999.75 Price

Frizz Free hair everyday! Our hair straighteners glides ultra smoothly for a beautiful straight finish. JML Professional Hair Straightener not only straightens but also adds volume, curls and shines thus leaving hair glossy and beautiful. The light slim design is great for easy to use styling. With the newest Floating Nano Silver Ionic Technology, it can heat up ultra fast, within seconds, while evenly distributing heat that makes hair straight and sleek in less time. To ensure ease of use, there is 2m of cable and a swivel cord with hanger design for your convenience.


PHP5,499.75 Price

The Halowave Oven from JML will revolutionise the way that you cook. It uses a halogen light source which produces infra-red waves to heat up food quickly whilst maintaining all the natural flavour of food cooked in a traditional oven. There's none of the sogginess you sometimes get with a microwave - just delicious, mouth watering food. The Halowave Oven is easy to operate, with a built-in timer and variable temperature control. With it's amazing self-cleaning function, looking after your Halowave Oven will be easy. Convenient and energy efficient, you'll wonder how you ever managed without your Halowave Oven.

Ironing Board Cover

PHP499.75 Price

Millions of people have already discovered easier, quicker ironing with the Fast Fit Ironing Board Cover from JML. With strong, elasticated edges, the cover takes seconds to fit and fix firmly in place. The non-slip, 100% cotton surface keeps garments secure on the board and creates a smooth, even ironing surface every time. A super-thick, 100% polyester underlay retains and reflects heat back into the fabric to help reduce ironing time. Join the ironing revolution today and get brilliant results with less effort! Available in an exciting range of designs.

Juicer Booster

PHP5,999.75 Price

The JML Juice Booster gives you pure, natural and healthy juice in seconds. Amazingly easy to clean and use. It extracts the pulp leaving you with pure tasty juice from the natural fruit. Create delicious soup, cocktail mixers and energizing drinks with no mess and no fuss - just pure freshly fruit juice. Now you can have pure fruit and vegetable juice whenever you want at the touch of a button.

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Mens Multi Styler Men's Shaver

PHP1,599.75 Price

A multifunctional men's grooming tool! JML Men Multi-Styler is a product that makes this possible, and so much more! It is a brand new concept, and therefore, extremely lightweight and easy to handle. The 5 interchangeable heads are very easy to replace and also washable, guaranteeing the best possible operation of a device. With Men Multi-styler from JML, you have a tool that will help you cut your hair, trim your beard with the classic 3-5 day old stubble, shave, clean up nose and ear hair, and give a precision trim to sideburns, thanks to the special interchangeable heads.

Microfiber Super Mop

PHP799.75 Price

Shine surfaces to a sparkling gleam with the Microfiber Super Mop! It picks up dust and dirt like a magnet. This mop's bendy microfiber cleaning head is multi-angled, so it can effortlessly tackle the awkward nooks and crannies that other mops and dusters can't. 90,000 ultra-fine fibers per square inch work to lift and hold dust, dirt, grease and spills. Use with or without cleaning chemicals! Use on tiles, vinyl, hardwood and wood laminate floors or any hard surface. It works wonders on floors, walls, stairs - anywhere around the home for a truly thorough clean!