Super Mop Pro

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Super-Mop Pro can be used on almost any floor. In one sweep it cleans, absorbs and dries thanks to its incredibly absorbent sponge head which can hold up to 10 times more liquid than a traditional mop. The PVA sponge holds water so well that it won't spill a drop until it's wrung out using the ‘Wring-Max’ system. Engineered with ease of use and dry hands in mind, simply pull the handle and the specially-designed arms squeeze every inch of the sponge head so it’s left completely wrung-out and ready for the next pass. There's also no need to vacuum hard floors either because, used damp, dust and dirt stick to the head. You can even use it on carpets to pick up pet hairs and, with the telescopic handle, you can reach up high to use it as a squeegee on windows and patio doors.


• Wring-max technology means no more tired and sore hands from wringing in a clunky pail

• Super Mop Pro is ultra absorbent and leaves floors dry in one pass

• It cleans, absorbs and even dries for you

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