Fresh Air Globe


How does it work?
The Fresh Air Globe brings a breath of fresh air to your indoor environment. Its unique air-cleansing system uses water to naturally clean the air, removing odours and replacing lost moisture. The Fresh Air Globe also comes with aromatherapy essence which is anti-bacterial. This means it can reduce potentially harmful levels of bacteria, such as e-coli.


Where can I use it? In the lounge the Fresh Air Globe works to counteract bad odours and is great for neutralising tobacco smoke. In the kitchen those bad smells from cooking will be reduced, and the Fresh Air Globe is also perfect for the bedroom to help you sleep better. It works a treat on pet odours too! How will it benefit me? There are so many invisible pollutants in our environment which build up over time that can potentially disrupt our mental and physical well-being. The Fresh Air Globe helps to reduce these pollutants to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, the Fresh Air Globe could bring welcome relief to your symptoms.For everyone, the Fresh Air Globe should bring the benefits of easier breathing, improved sleep and even an increase in energy levels.

  • Air purifier
  • Cleanse-Ionise-Refresh
  • 220V-50Hz AC 15W
  • Reduces Nuisance Odours by over 50%
  • Aromatherapy with anti-bacterial essences
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