Stone-Ware Professional Culinary Cookware Stove Top Pan with FREE Glass Lid Set (Black)

  • Non-Stick Stove Top Pan Set 1x18cm 1x24cm 1x28cm
  • Excellent durability - 4mm thick
  • Superior even heat induction, increased heat absorption
  • Easy to clean
  • Stone coated finish, no oil needed
  • Tough anti-scratch surface, die cast base, step-fixed handle
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JML Stone-Ware pans boast enhanced durability and strength, with a robust 4mm thick construction and a tough anti-scratch surface. They're created with a unique specially formulated advanced hybrid coating, which absorbs heat quicker to speed-up cooking. This special harstone coating is also non-stick, so you can cook without oils or fats and clean them very easily. #Embellished with a beautiful rustic speckled finish, Stone-Ware pan will offer you years of faster, easier, more stylish cooking.


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