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Stoneware Gourmet Grill

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• 2 in 1 Grill and Griddle Plate

• Detachable Stone Coated Plate

• Easy to Clean

• Dishwasher Safe

• Slide-out Drip Tray

• Removable Temperature Control Probe


Stone-Ware Gourmet Grill boasts enhanced durability and strength,with a robust 2 mm thick construction and a tough anti-scratch surface. 2 in 1 design Grill and Grilled Plate with sloping grooves to efficiently drain grease for low-fat and healthy grilling. This special hard-stone coating is also non-stick, so you can cook without oils or fats. They're created with a unique advanced embedded heater to ensure fast heat-up and even heat distribution ideal for cooking variety of foods. Designed with a thermostatically controlled Probe for constant temperature, and is removable for portability and easy cleaning. Embellished with a beautiful rustic speckled finish, Stone-Ware Gourmet Grill will offer you years of faster, easier, more stylish cooking.

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