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SAMMY J Full Collection

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  • Hip Resistance Bands Set 3pcs in a Mesh bag
  • Sammy J Thigh Master/Multifunction Exerciser
  • Tube Pedal Pull Rope
  • Yoga Ball Without Pump
  • Sammy J Massage Roller
  • Sammy J Slim Belt 4.0
  • Jumping Rope
  • Yoga Mat
  • FREE Water Bottle Dumbbell
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JML Slim Belt is the innovation that compresses your waist and reduces measurement! Its unique Double Compression technology, combined with a special 70% Neoprene fabric, creates a thermal effect to retain the warmth of your body as you move. Gives you a way to show off that sexy, eye-catching shape you've been hiding all this time. Super-comfortable and with 2 level compression, Slim Belt even helps you maintain the correct and elegant posture during your walks, runs, or workouts without rolling up or down and detach easily. Slim Belt is a deal for men and women as it fits perfectly to the body and still accompanies you at work, at home, and wherever else you desire!!




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